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10 Best Long Lasting Lipsticks

Lipsticks are a need of women of our generation. They enhance the beauty of women for which women can spend dollars. If you have the capacity of spending money then you can spend dollars on expensive lipsticks but it is difficult to find a perfect match that makes you feel beautiful for a long time.

There is nothing more annoying than wearing incredible lipstick that disappears after a few hours and you have to excuse for touch up during an event.

We have shortlisted the best long lasting lipstick, brands that do not require you to go for reapplying, rechecking your lipstick. They won’t smudge, fade or dry your lips on a hectic day.

List of Top 10 Best Long Lasting Lipsticks:

Lipsticks Texture Benefit
Maybelline Color Sensational Long Lasting Lipstick Matte lipstick with no shine More pigmented and hydrating
Revlon Lustrous Long Lasting Lipstick Creamy and soft texture Comfortable, long lasting, and color rich
Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Long Lasting Lipstick Vibrating shades Hydrating and moisturizing shades
L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Long Lasting Lipstick Smooth and soft application Provides hydration
Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede Long Lasting Lipstick Velvety lipstick Long-lasting and moisturizes
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Matte Long Lasting Lipstick Matte and creamy Silky finish and long wearing
Milani Color Statement Long Lasting Lipstick Creamy matte lipstick Comfortable, and available in vibrant colors
Diego Dalla Palma The Long Lasting Lipstick Luxurious texture and vivid colors Provides a smooth look and contains antiaging properties
HAUS LABORATORIES Long Lasting Lipstick Sparkling lipstick Creamy and grit-free
Jane Iredale Triple-Luxe Naturally Moist Long Lasting Lipstick Smooth and soft Moisturizing, sweet flavored and smell

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

The color sensational lipstick by Maybelline offers hyperpigmented lip color in the ultra-hydrating formula. So, you can have a color-rich lip.

 It is long-lasting and available in matte, satin, and gloss so you can find the best color which suits your skin.

 Its colors deliver a bold intense to soft cute look. So, you can look both classy and sweet with a long lasting period. 

You can pair it up with your favorite lip liner to give a perfect lip look.

  • Creamy and Pigmented
  • Cheap
  • Long lasting
  • Universal Shades
  • A little Sticky and tacky
  • May dry your lips if worn for a long period
  • Difficult to remove

2. Revlon Lustrous Lipstick

This lipstick from Revlon provides you with a high impact, super lush, and creamy lip color. So, you will be complemented where ever you go.

 Also, Its formula is infused with Vitamin E and avocado oil which will keep your lips healthy and soft all the time.

 You can look cool, classic, and trendy with its large color collection. You can use it for parties, business meetings, get-togethers.  

Besides, this lipstick is organic, if you avoid buying inorganic products.

  • Lightweight
  • More complemented shades
  • Smoothest
  • Moisturizes and smoothens lips
  • Frosty texture
  • A little patchy
  • Less pigmented

3.Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick

The Burt’s bees enhance your natural lip color and provide your best shades for your natural everyday makeup. The shades of this lipstick are natural and long lasting. So, your lips will not give an artificial look.

Burt’s Bees is 100% best for dry lips because it is made with natural ingredients like beeswax, moringa oil, raspberry seed oil to keep your lips smooth and moisturized. Besides, this lipstick is 8 hours long, so, it provides you with long-lasting effects.


  • Moisturizing color
  • Full coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Soft texture
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Doesn’t dry lips
  • Comfortable and flattering


  • Gritty texture
  • Grainy after a few uses
  • Less pigmented

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipcolour

The L’Oreal Paris provides you with color Riche Lipcolour with nourishing ingredients and luxuriously rich color suiting your skin.

 It provides you with a spectrum of show-stopping shades for any skin color from warm to cold skin tones. So, you will not need to worry about the shades of red or pinks. 

Also, It increases your beauty and makes you look perfect for every occasion and any look.

Besides, due to its long-lasting ability, you will not need to worry about refreshing your lipstick again and again.


  • Impressive shades
  • smooth to apply
  • Creamy
  • More pigmented
  • Long wearing


  • Not strong color
  • Odor and bad taste 

Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Want to get all day long color and matte finish? Try color stay ultimate suede lipsticks from Revlon.

 It is formulated with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E to give lips moisturizer and a velvety feel. So, you will have a soft long-lasting lipstick touch.

This lipstick is complimenting and healthy for your lips.

 Revlon is a global leader providing you with a variety of shades of your choice. So, you will not be worrying about brands.


  • Longwear and moisturizing
  • Velvety feel
  • Variety of shades for your skin tone
  • Soft matte finish
  • Very fine shimmer
  • Good pigmentation
  • Long lasting


  • Oily remover for removing
  • Turns patchy
  • A bit drying


cruelty-free lipstick which provides you with pigment-rich smooth matte color. So, you will be able to follow the latest matte trends.

 This lipstick is never a dry feeling if you have dry lips. 

It imparts a non-glossy and high-fashion matte finish look, allowing you to wear it in business meetings and parties.

 Go for this lipstick if you have dry chapped lips.


  • Easy to apply
  • Creamy and bold
  • Doesn’t fade of you rub your lips
  • Not a dry texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • Smells great


  • Less color payoff
  • Not effective
  • Not smudge-proof

Milani Color Statement Lipstick

Running late and need a quick way to make your look pop? Milani lipsticks know how to make an entrance to someone’s heart.

 These cruel free lipsticks are available in vibrant shades that can make you confident.

 With the addition of nourishing vitamins, it feels as good as it looks. They work as a wonder with minimal makeup.

 These lipsticks fuel your self-expression for every shade, attitude, and ethnicity.


  • Affordable
  • Creamy texture
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Does not feel drying
  • Satin finish


  • Melts in hot weather
  • Average staying power

Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick

This lipstick has an ultra-rich creamy texture and imparts vivid colors. You will get the color richer shades.

 It has an immediate lifting effect with long-lasting moisturization and color. 

It is more than simple cosmetics as it contains anti-aging properties that give lips a full and smooth look.

Also, this lipstick is perfect for both young and old women, for a long-lasting period. 


  • Smoothen wrinkles
  • Moisturizing and plumping
  • Intense color
  • Volumizing look
  • Perfect coverage
  • Matt effect
  • Full and vibrant color


  • Less long lasting in comparison


This truly universal sparkle lipstick provides you with a creamy texture for a long time and provides you with a grit-free glitter. 

If you are getting ready for a grand event or any occasion this lipstick will provide you with a long-lasting sparkling effect.

 It’s one swipe pigmentation formula. It gives you great coverage and no lip liner is needed as a base for this gorgeous sparkly lipstick. 

If you are looking for the perfect red lipstick for the holidays, buy this!


  • Highly pigmented application
  • One swipe
  • Sparkles have no grittiness
  • Smooth and creamy


  • Cannot wear in client meetings

Jane Iredale Triple-Luxe Long-Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick

Triple-Luxe long-lasting lipstick comes in 15 different chic shades with a creamy matte finish.

 It contains antioxidant-rich moringa oil which soothes and nourishes your lips making them look fresh. 

With the addition of waxes and oils, it provides protection and hydration for a long period.

Also, this lipstick enhances your natural lip’s health and provides graceful lip color.


  • Long lasting effects
  • Hydrates and nourishes 
  • Chic shades
  • Sleek rose gold bullet tube


  • Expensive

Things to consider before buying the best long lasting lipstick

Long lasting:

You will never want a lipstick that needs a touch-up after every few hours, preventing you from enjoying your birthday parties or official dinners. The most important thing you should check in lipstick is its long-lasting ability. So, you will be able to have long hours with a beautiful and graceful looking color.


The best product is the one which gives you more advantages in less price. You will never want a lipstick with more price and less quality. So, the brands we have provided, give you quality equal to the price. You get what you pay for.

Choosing colors:

Do not choose the colors which are trending among everyone. Go for ones keeping in view your skin tone. There are many colors available for long lasting lipsticks, but you should choose the best ones, complimenting your face. 


All the above lipsticks are some of the best long lasting ones. They have different features. 

But before buying a lipstick just keep in mind some points and choose the best for yourself.

Choose lipstick according to the event or occasion. As if it is a wedding or some office routine. Grab the colors that suit your skin tone. Keep in check the available budget for the lipstick you have. Be bold and your kind of beautiful!


Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Dry Lips

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Long Lasting Lipstick
Also, it is made with natural ingredients like beeswax, moringa oil, raspberry seed oil to keep your lips smooth and moisturized. Besides, this lipstick is 8 hours long, so, it provides you with long lasting effects





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