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Diy Lip Scrub-Homemade Lip Scrub Recipes

Homemade DIY Lip Scrub

Diy Lip Scrub


Our lips are not only a visual focal point of our faces, but they’re also particularly sensitive. There’s nothing more unsightly or uncomfortable than flaky, sandpaper lips. Sure, you can tap on your trusty lip balm and be on your way, but once it fades, you’re back to square one. And if you’re wearing lipstick, that uneven texture can be even more noticeable. A sibling to the more widely known body scrub, DIY lip scrub shouldn’t be overlooked. That’s where lips scrubs come in, which sloth off dead skin cells to smooth and soften your lips. They’re also the perfect way to prime your pout for the seamless application of lipsticks, stains, and glosses.

Chapped lips, also known as cheilitis, are a common condition marked by dryness, redness, and cracking of the lips. Several factors may cause chapped lips, including cold weather, sun exposure, and dehydration. However, chapped lips can also be a sign of something more serious, including certain nutritional deficiencies. Natural or homemade lip scrubs are the important and essential parts to get rid of dry, chapped, and flaky lips.

Relation of Diet and Lips:

When you think about your diet, you probably think first about how many calories you’re consuming or whether you’re getting enough fruits, veggies, and proteins to keep your energy levels high. You probably aren’t thinking about preventing chapped lips. However, a diet rich in the right nutrients can support the overall health of your lips and keep them looking moisturized and youthful.

Chapped lips are a common symptom of deficiencies, especially in folate (vitamin B9), riboflavin (vitamin B2), and vitamins B6 and B12. Vitamin E boosts circulation and may help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer. So, you must use the lip scrub or homemade lip scrub which contains Vitamin E that can heal your lips.

What is Lip Scrub?

As a body scrub, a lip scrub is a semi-liquid or other soft-solid base containing particles that slough off dry, flaky pieces and leave smooth skin behind. Lip scrubs are a type of mechanical exfoliation¹, meaning it physically removes dead skin cells (vs. chemically). Properly exfoliated lips better absorb moisturizing agents and protectants such as lip balm. Most lip scrubs also come in a lipstick-like format, which can be applied directly from the tube. Use either version to prep lips pre-lipstick in order to achieve a more even color application. Do-it-yourself lip scrub recipes are also readily available and are usually simple to make at home.

What is Lip Exfoliator?

Lip exfoliator is a sugar scrub in an emollient base that removes dry, dead skin cell layers from the surface of the lips, leaving them soothed and hydrated. This process is similar to facial exfoliation, as facial scrub can help promote a silky smooth complexion. It’s most effective to exfoliate your lips at bedtime, followed by a good lip balm.

Homemade Lip Scrub Recipe:

Here are the DIY homemade lip scrub recipes. Following lip scrubs are used for the therapy of flakes, chapped and dry lips:

1. Coconut and Honey Lip Scrub:


Coconut & Honey DIY Lip Scrub


Why this lip scrub is effective?

Coconut oil is filled with antioxidants and fatty acids that nourish the skin, while brown sugar acts as a natural exfoliator that helps remove dead dry skin. Honey is rich in natural healing properties.

2. Mint Lip Scrub:


Mint DIY Lip Scrub


Why this Lip scrub is effective?

Sugar works as a natural exfoliate while peppermint oil helps to stimulate circulation under the lips and create a “just bitten” effect that makes your lips appear fuller. This DIY sugar lip scrub is also very soothing and refreshing for the skin on your lips. Grapeseed oil is lightweight; it’s filled with antioxidants and acts as a wonderful natural moisturizer for your lips.

3. DIY Coffee Sugar Lip Scrub:


Coffee DIY Lip Scrub


Mix a tablespoon of ground coffee and olive oil with all other ingredients and gently apply on your lips.

Why this lip scrub is effective?

The caffeine content in the coffee rejuvenates the lips making them flush with color and life. Though it might not leave a very nice after-taste, it gives an intriguing effect.

4. Chocolate Lip Scrub Mask:


Chocolate Lip Scrub


Why this lip scrub is effective?

This homemade lip scrub mask not only satisfies your chocolate cravings but the cocoa helps moisturize your lips deeply and removes tan. Vanilla extract has a whole bundle of anti-aging benefits and antioxidants that prevent and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals.

5. Orange Peel Lip Scrub:


Orange Peel Lip Scrub


Effectiveness of this lip Scrub:

The orange peel present in this DIY lip scrub recipe is excellent for treating dark and discolored lips. Almond oil helps nourish and moisturize dry, chapped lips while sugar is a natural exfoliator for healthy lips.

6.Cinnamon Lip Scrub:


Cinnamon DIY Lip Scrub


Why to Use This Scrub?

Cinnamon is a natural lip plumper, so if you want that Kylie Jenner to pouts without the lip injections, this scrub is a foolproof technique to achieve that. Cinnamon also acts as a natural exfoliator and helps you achieve smooth, soft lips instantly.

7.Shea Butter lip Scrub:


Shea Butter DIY Lip Scrub


Why this lip scrub?

Shea butter contains vitamins A and E, both of which moisturize and soothe chapped lips and dryness. Sugar acts as the perfect natural exfoliator to go with the shea butter.

8. Sea Salt and Sugar Lip Scrub:


Sea Salt & Sugar DIY Lip Scrub


Why this Lip Scrub?

Sea salt works as a great exfoliant and coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. This homemade exfoliating lip scrub will leave you with rosy lips in no time.

9.Vitamin E Lip Scrub:


Vitamin E DIY Lip Scrub


Why this DIY Lip Scrub?

Vitamin E is a natural conditioner and antioxidant. It treats chapped and irritated lips instantly.

10. DIY Lemonade Vaseline Lip Scrub:


Lemon Vaseline DIY Lip Scrub


Why this DIY lemonade Vaseline Lip Scrub?

Lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent. This scrub helps exfoliate dead cells so new, fresh skin is revealed.

11.Rose Petals and Milk Lip Scrub:



Why rose milk Scrub?

Rose petals help in naturally lightening the tone of discolored lips. Its antibacterial properties also help in protecting your lips. Cold milk helps in brightening your lips.

12.Best DIY Nourishing Lip Scrub:


Nourishing DIY Lip Scrub


Benefits of this DIY nourishing Lip Scrub:

Green tea, one of the most scientifically-vetted ingredients on the planet, is the perfect addition to your scrub to moisturize, nourish, and soothe. As a bonus, the leaves from the teabag add a bit of additional exfoliation.

13. The Celebrity Favorite Lip Scrub:


Celebrity Favorite DIY Lip Scrub


Benefits of DIY Manuka Honey Lip Scrub:

Manuka is specialized raw honey. It’s antibacterial and bacterial resistant. This means that bacteria shouldn’t be able to build up a tolerance to its antibacterial effects. Manuka honey is said to be effective for treating everything from a sore throat to clearing up blemishes on your skin.

Dr. Zeichner recommends using coconut oil and brown sugar for a gentle lip scrub. Kourtney Kardashian adds Manuka honey, a natural humectant, to increase the scrub’s moisturizing properties.

14. Lip Balm Scrub:


Lip Balm DIY Lip Scrub


15.DIY Lip Scrub for Smokers:


Smoker DIY Lip Scrub



How to use a Lip Scrub

First, wet lips (wetting them prevents abrasive friction). Then, apply your store-bought lip scrub or homemade mixture directly onto damp lips. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises using small, circular finger motions for about 30 seconds before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Use short, light strokes if applying with a brush or sponge.

Exfoliating with a lip scrub is good for softening and smoothing lips before applying lipstick, or when your lips are dry and peeling from cold wind or prolonged sun exposure. Avoid using them if your lips have any open cuts, or if they’re sunburned or raw. In general, be gentle and exfoliate as needed (i.e. if your lips are visibly flaky), as overdoing it can cause unwanted irritation.

What you should do after using a lip scrub

After scrubbing lips, it’s important to follow up with a repairing lip balm. Pure petroleum jelly seals in moisture to soothe, soften, and rehydrate skin’s outer layer and facilitates sealing in moisture.

Vaseline glide on smoothly and is clinically proven to help heal dry lips. The AAD also recommends using petroleum jelly as an inexpensive way to create a barrier against drying conditions, such as cold weather.

How to store your DIY lip scrub

It’s always advisable to make your homemade lip scrubs in small batches. They will remain fresh and last you for about a week. Store your scrub in a clean and dry, old lip balm or eye shadow case. Sterilizing the container by leaving it in hot water for a while is recommended to prevent germs. Refrigerate this case and use it within a week.


It’s important to keep your lips moisturized and in good condition. Generally, we use lip enhancement products to help maintain the moisture in our lips, as well as to protect them from the harsh elements of the environment. The problem with most conventional lip treatments is that they often work for short periods of time before leaving your lips dry again. Slapping on some lip gloss only gives your lips a temporary shine and then dries off.

Using a lip scrub helps you buff away dry skin to restore the smoothness and softness of your lips. Not only does an exfoliating lip scrub improve the appearance of your lips, but it also helps improve the way your lips feel. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, thereby allowing moisture and lip lightening treatments to penetrate quickly and deeply. Scrub your lips 2-3 times a week and follow up with a dab of olive oil or a lip balm if you are not applying a lip mask immediately afterward.

I recommend turning to a DIY lip scrub recipe in order to treat your lips, as you’re able to control the amount of the individual ingredients you put in the mixture and create a mixture that’s perfectly suited to you. I’ve had great results since switching to the DIY process, and so far, haven’t suffered from any dryness and don’t feel the need to re-apply lip products every hour – the effects are lasting!


How long do DIY lip Scrub last?

DIY lip scrub must apply on lips for maximum 5 to 10 minutes. After this, one must remove the scrub and after washing lips, apply lip balm. Using a lip scrub once a week is perfect for maintaining a smooth, flake-free smile. But, you can use it daily if a beautiful smile is your top priority.

How long can you keep a DIY lip scrub?

Make sure to label the jar. And consider making it in small batches because homemade cosmetics lack the preservatives and don’t last as long. This particular lip scrub recipe should last for approximately two weeks if you keep it refrigerated.

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