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CC cream: What is CC cream

What is CC Cream?

CC cream is an advanced version of BB creams that is also lightweight but provides more coverage than BB. The word CC stands for “Complexion corrector” or “Color control”. CC cream was specially developed to improve the discolored skin, including skin problems like uneven skin tone, brown spots, dark circles, redness, and dullness. CC cream creates a smooth layer of even color on your skin and provides you with a relishing skin texture complimented by everyone. It blurs wrinkles and pores and provides you with the most natural and beautiful look. Alike BB creams, CC cream also has many properties. CC cream contain skin protectants like vitamins and antioxidants to protect the harsh environment, it has mineral SPF to protect your skin from sun radiations, brighteners to provide excessive glow, and soothing agents like green tea shea butter to moisturize your skin.

The main focus of the CC cream is on aging. That’s why it is mainly used to blur the wrinkles and aging spots on your skin. Comparing it to BB creams, it has a matte finish with a fluffy texture.

More about CC Cream

Complexion corrector is a popular cosmetic product nowadays developed to work as a moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation. The word CC was named due to its feature of color correction. It claims to resolve your uneven color problems by specifically targeting your dark skin areas and provides an even tone. Every developer uses a different formula, but the main ingredients in complexion corrector cream are the anti-aging ingredients that include vitamin c, antioxidants, and peptide, the SPF ingredients to provide a layer between sun rays and skin. With many additional changes, both bb cream and cc cream are an advanced form of tinted moisturizers.

What do we mean by Colour correction?

By color correction, we do not mean to match the cream with your skin tone. It aims to correct the flat and uneven areas of your skin. The word correcting doesn’t mean to create a layer that hides all the imperfections of your skin, but it means to equalize the redness or the purple shadows on your skin.

When you buy a perfect cc cream shade, it provides you with color correction by blending into your skin and blurring the uneven areas. CC cream has light deflecting pigments that hide your tired, sallow, dull, and red skin.

Benefits of CC Cream

Complexion corrector cream contains SPF that protects you against UV radiation from the sun. These harmful UV radiations can cause hyper-pigmentation. Some other foundations also claim to have SPF as an ingredient. Nothing protects your skin more than creams with good SPF.

But there might be a difference between the SPF levels if you have less SPF in your CC cream, then you will require sunscreen for a sunny day out. You can use sunscreen before applying cc cream. Also, some SPF levels are toxic to your skin. So, you will need to go through the SPF levels of your complexion corrector cream.

CC cream does not provide full opaque coverage like the traditional foundations, so you may need to apply more cc cream to get a more polished look. It provides flexibility with its uses. You can use it on some uneven areas if you don’t want a full makeup face. You can use it as a primer under the foundation to provide a long-lasting effect.

Besides, Complexion corrector cream is a healthy product that nourishes your skin, protects, improves, and corrects your skin color. It decreases the use of concealer for color correction and provides a better skin tone. But it does not mean anyone can get the same results with cc cream. The results depend upon the skin type and texture of your skin.

How to use CC Cream

Complexion corrector cream is straight forward to apply. You need to wash and clean your skin before applying cc creams. You do not need to apply any moisturizing or priming product before its application. As complexion corrector cream is already moisturizing, you will not feel any roughness or dryness and smooth touch. You have to squeeze a small quantity of cc cream from the tube and dot it on your face using your fingers. You can use more cc creams if you want a better finish.

CC cream is a kind of skin correcting concealer, so try to focus on the areas with darker parts under your eyes and jawline. Besides, you can use a beauty blender for the more precise merging of your complexion corrector cream in the skin. Also, you can repeat this process for the required coverage of creams. If you have oily skin, then consider a small amount of loose powder finish on your face to get a matte and full coverage.

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Is CC Cream worth buying

Complexion corrector cream is not the only product that can be used for an uneven skin tone. You can do better care of your skin in easier ways like drinking water, moisturizing your skin, using organic products according to your skin type. You can use a good sunscreen to protect against UV radiation.

But the Complexion corrector Cream is much better than using a foundation as it keeps your skin healthy due to the presence of better ingredients. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may consider cc cream rather than bb. It even outs your complexion and saves you from suntans. If you do not like to wear heavy makeup, CC creams are the best choice.


Can we use CC cream daily?

Yes! it OK to use CC cream everyday cc cream is a healthy product that nourishes your skin, protects, improves, and corrects your skin color. CC cream contains SPF that protects you against UV radiation from the sun. CC cream does not provide full opaque coverage like the traditional foundations. So, you don’t need to worry, putting cc cream daily is safe.

Is CC cream better for skin than foundation?

The major difference is that color correct creams are formulated and can often provide less coverage than BB creams. CC cream does not provide full opaque coverage like the traditional foundations. Foundation is not that healthy for your skin as it is considered a colored layer without healthy ingredients that lasts on your skin. So without looking unnatural a CC cream can be the right choice for an evening out a fair complexion.



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