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Best Coconut Oil for Dry Skin


In today’s world, everyone wants to look gorgeous and attractive for both seasons, winter and summer. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest and harmless ingredients for your need. Whenever we think of coconut oil, the first thing that came to our minds is rubbing the edible plant grease all over the skin and hair, but dermatologists and scientific researchers are starting to bring the plant’s potential to a newer and better version. Because of the reason that multiple users want skinny and healthy skin during summer and mostly in winters, the Best coconut oil usage can give you goosebumps by its immediate and perfect effects. This is a collection of natural fats that helps your skin to nourish and shine. If you are afraid of your de-chap lips or bumpy skin, then you should definitely focus on skin-caring Coconut oils. These best Coconut oils are free from side effects and all the other skin problems.

Viva Natural Fractionated Coconut Oil Handcraft Blends Natural Fractionated Oil
Viva Natural Extra Virgin  Coconut Oil Viva Naturals Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
Spectrum Essential Coconut Oil Spectrum Unrefined and Expeller Pressed Oil
Coco & Co. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil CoCo&CO Prest Virgin Beauty Oil
NOW Solutions Liquid,  Light and Nourishing Oil NOW Nourishing and Personal Care Oil
Viva Natural Organic Oil Viva Naturals Non-Greasy and Non-foul Odor Oil
Advanced Clinicals Oil Cream Advanced Clinicals Nourishing and Luxurious Oil
Nautive Organic, Steam Refined Coconut Oil Nutiva Refreshing Body Coconut Oil
Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Pure Virgin Oil for Skin and Hairs
Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body SheaMoisture Hydrating and Lightweight Oil

1. Fractionated Coconut Oil

Natural fractionated oil:
If you are searching best Coconut oils, then Viva Natural and organic Fractional Oil is at top of the list to give an immediate boost to your skin by its 100% pure formula of natural Fractionated Coconut Oil. It has a collection of separated chains of fatty acids with refining and clarifying your skin. It can be used as aromatherapy, essential oils, massage for dogs and pets. It gives you overall protection by providing its usage as hair growth and skin moisturizers. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a lightweight product with a bang of positive results for dry skin.

Quick Absorption and Non-Greasy:

Fractionated Coconut Oil usage is friendly with all the atmospheres. Some oils are limited to temperature effects. but this fractionated Coconut oil is a multi-beneficial oil. That means you do not have to worry about your room temperature or heating the oil for proper usage. This coconut oil’s little rubbing can lead your skin fractionated for a long time. So, you only need a small amount to avoid the harmful greasy residue caused by local oils.


      • Moisturize and soothe Dry Skin and Hair.
      • Promote hair growth by adding volume and shine.
      • Perfect carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage.
      • Immediate effects with positive results.
      • Improves Scalp health with professional-grade formula.


      • Around the flare-up parts, it can leave skin feeling tight and not very hydrated.
      • Sometimes, it produces a smell by past used oils on your skin.
      • It has no fragrance.

2. Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hair Growth:

If you are searching for multipurpose oil like hair growth and dry skin issues, then Viva Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best Coconut oils for both dry skin and hair growth. Its natural and organic property gives your skin enough nourishment by making a proper positive effect for the growth and shining of your hairs. This coconut oil has a luscious lotion or hair conditioner that provides you a deep and rich hydration effect without feeling sticky or greasy at all.

Cold-Pressed and Unrefined:

This Viva Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from pure Coconut, indeed every coconut that poured in the form of oil has a rich effect on your skin. Hair growth with naturally high smoke point (350°F/177°C). It is manufactured in an environmentally friendly atmosphere for the satisfaction of valuable users and customers. Viva Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% pure and unrefined, with original coconut form. It creates a rich flavor and aroma, making it natural and delicious. Maximum users want a certified product, so this product is a USDA-certified organic product with hexanes and bleach-free ingredients.


      • Extracted by 100% pure Coconut oil with the unrefined property.
      • Rich effects after using on regular basis.
      • An organic product having multi-purpose use (Skincare and hair growth).
      • USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO.


      • Can be harmful to Scent-allergic users.
      • A smell can be different sometimes.

3. Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil

Perfect for Skin and Hair Care:

If you are looking for a product to smoothen your skin or hair growth, Spectrum Essentials Organic oil will give you all the required advantages and will fascinate your skin and hair with a new look. This unrefined Coconut oil has all the essentials with no added preservatives or fragrance. This means if you are a fragrance allergic user, it’s the best choice for your skin and hairs, restoring your skin and producing an extra protective layer for all the damaging factors like sun, wind, and cold weather.

Unrefined and Expeller Pressed:

Because of Unrefined property, Spectrum Essentials Organic Oil has natural richness. This Spectrum Essentials Organic oil is one of the unrefined products with a new look and many advantages. Its Expeller pressed property has a virgin state after pressing. These oils are manufactured to satisfy valuable customers and provide them a fresh roasted peanut taste. Because of its unrefined property, your skin can get all the required essentials to boost up your beauty. It is a non-GMO project verified product and USDA certified organic, best for your Dry skin issues or issues related to your hair growth.


      • Perfect for skin and hair care.
      • Smells beyond yummy and a little goes a long away.
      • Best for permed hair making hair roots thick.
      • Moisturize skin with a soft touch.
      • Free from all the damaging factors.


      • Melts instantly, helping the skin to plaque over.
      • Sometimes, coconut smells change.

4. COCO & CO. Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Purest Virgin Oil for Beauty:

There are many useful oils for skin problems and hair growth purposes. Coco & Co. Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best Coconut Oil for Dry skin, that gives skin enough nourishment and provides an instant glow to your skin, because of its purest virgin coconut formula. This pure Virgin oil gives supple, soft, and beautiful skin with thick and long hairs. Coco & Co. Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil helps your skin by removing blemishes as well as dark spots from your face.

Non-Greasy and Non-Foul Odor:

Coco & Co. Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil gives you a silky texture with protection to your skin by fast absorption phenomena. It does not have a Foul Odor, so it’s 100% pure and has a smooth texture with an adorable smell. This Coconut oil has been the top Selling and high-rated oil for the beauty of skin since 2014 and ranks continuously in the top lists. With a smooth texture, it helps your skin to be crystal clear and preserves all the essential nutrients as well as the very rich effect on your hairs.


      • Natural Virgin Coconut oil offers the Lightest consistency.
      • It is odor-free and Non-Greasy body oil for cosmetic use.
      • Only high-ranked beauty product.
      • 100% Exceptional purity with organic and pure Coconut.


      • The scent is extremely heavy for scent-allergic users.
      • A container is small and wrapped with plastic.
      • Sometimes makes hairs stringy.

5. NOW Solutions, Liquid Coconut Oil, Light and Nourishing, Promotes Healthy

Dry Skin and Hair Protection:

NOW Solutions, Liquid Coconut Oil is beneficial for skins, that are in need of comprehensive nourishment and removal of clogged pores. It is pleasantly light and easily absorbed. Its fractionated liquid unique oil is colorless and odorless with a smooth non-greasy texture that is quite useful for personal use or personal skincare. you can use it as a carrier oil for essential oils as well as for massage therapy. With the best formula, liquid coconut oil helps your skin to soften; dry or damaged hairs as well as it helps your skin for healthy shining.

Nourishing and Personal Care:

NOW Solutions, Liquid Coconut Oil will provide your skin an affective richness to look gorgeous with removing all the damaging factors, that can damage your skincare or hair growth. It’s an evolutionary product, which will have many useful results in the future like shampoos and conditioners, oral care and obviously all of these will be resulted very productive for your skin issues especially dry skin users. It is manufactured with all organic ingredients that are gathered from all over the world to keep skin issues away from damaging factors. It also avoids synthetic ingredients to provide a more natural product line.


      • Light and nourishing effects for dry skin.
      • Promotes healthy skin with unlimited useful results.
      • No petrochemicals included, like petroleum/ mineral oil/ Paraffin.
      • Synthetic fragrance.


      • Sometimes results in chunky and solidified skin issues.
      • Packaging may cause leakage.
      • According to hair growth, it can be a fragrance-free product.

6. Viva Naturals, Organic Fractional Coconut Oil

Organic Fractionated Oil:

Viva Naturals, Organic Fractional Coconut Oil have useful benefits to your skin problems. It hydrates your skin, moisturizes your nails, and can be used as an organic hair moisturizer. This Viva Naturals, Organic Fractional Coconut Oil is perfect for your skin with very lightweight quality. This product is non-greasy that’s means you do not need to worry about heating your oil or leaving it at room temperature as well as this best Coconut oil absorption is quick. This oil has a quality of little that goes a long away, which means you do not need to worry about greasy residue.

Skin Softener and Fragrance-Free:

This Viva Naturals, Organic Fractional Coconut Oil have other benefits to soften your skin also. Its perfect use can help your hair to look shinier and thicky, as well as makes your Dry skin softer and smoother. Its lightweight property makes it more efficient in use, which focuses on soothing your hairs from roots to end, with not no added fragrance. You can use this oil confidently to your full body as a moisturizer. Adding to its attribute, this Viva Naturals, Organic Fractional Coconut Oil is USDA certified organic and certified non-GMO.


      • 100% USDA ORGANIC.
      • Absorbs quickly with no-clog pores.
      • Versatile Carrier oil.
      • Beneficial for scalp psoriasis with no additional fragrance.
      • Little goes a long away either non-greasy effect.


      • No advantage for fragrance lovers.
      • Mixing with other oils can harm or damage the place.
      • Liquefies at up to room temperature.

7. Advanced Clinicals Coconut Oil Cream

Advanced Facial Moisturizer:

Advanced Clinicals Coconut oil is extracted from pure organic coconuts. This product robed the intention of people all over the world because of its most difficult treatment for manufacturing. Due to the high level of Lauric acid, that makes it the healthiest oil for skin and hair. Its small particle helps to nourish and renew your dull skin, parsed skin for deep hydration. As well as it’s not greasy and absorbs quickly so it can give you benefits within seconds. Its sweet fragrance shows the best ingredient mixture.

Nourishing and Luxurious Formula:

Advanced Clinicals Coconut oil has a luxurious formula with high nourishment that restores moisture, to dry and dull skin. This rich smelling cream is extracted from pure coconut oil and organic lavender that extracted for immediate hydration and for the healthiest glowing complexion. This multifunctional cream is beneficial for sensitive skin, oily skin, and normal skin. Sometimes, it’s semiofficial for all skin types. Its organic ingredients Natural glycerin, pure aloe vera, and chamomile makes it more attractive. You can apply its little amount generously onto cleansed face, neck, and hands. It’s a great facial moisturizer, body lotion, neck, and decollate or hair conditioner.


      • Comes with a sweet Fragrance making it more attractive.
      • Rich and creamy product, helpful for dry skin issues.
      • Feels wonderful on skin with immense effects.
      • It’s a bit pricey but moisturizes well.


      • The fragrance is too strong.
      • Little thinner product.
      • Much costly to have issues for skin-allergic users.

8. Nutiva Organic, Steam Refined Coconut Oil from Non-GMO

Nutiva Organic, Steam Refined Coconut Oil from non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Coconuts is one of the world’s famous nourishing and versatile skincare products. Unlike other oils, this oil is purely extracted using steam instead of hexane or other damaging chemicals. This product is manufactured with pure organic ingredients like non-GMO Southeast Asian coconuts, sustainably harvested, dried, and chopped to manufacture a pure and useful product. It is an odor-free product with many useful results because of its rich extraction formula. These dried coconut flakes are steam refined after cold-pressed functionality to remove the smell and taste of coconut.

Refreshing Body Scrub:

“Nutiva Organic, Steam Refined Coconut Oil from non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Coconuts” have Lucious soothing oil as a natural moisturizer for your dry skin. It can also be beneficial for eye-makeup remover, deep conditioning hair treatment. Nutiva Organic, Steam Refined Coconut Oil from non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Coconuts have a super aim of providing the best product to the customers sourcing from pure coconuts o obtain fair trade certification. This product is 100% free from all the hazardous chemicals or damaging factors, which can have some side effects on your skin. It’s a lightweight product with a little goes far away from the property.


      • 01 selling product in US for 10 years.
      • USDA organic and non-GMO.
      • Able to salvage badly bleached hairs.
      • Didn’t have a taste or smell that makes it more useful.


      • Comes in a gallon plastic pail.
      • After heating, it will form hard balls of oil.
      • Price is high but melts fast.

9. Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil

Cold-Pressed and Unrefined:

Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil is a cold-pressed oil, which means it hasn’t a strong fragrance. It means those users who are allergic to fragrance use, can easily use this for their skin as well as hairs. This Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil, is also the best Organic coconut oil, because of its unrefined property.  This oil is extracted from pure Coconut, indeed every coconut that poured in the form of oil has a rich effect on your skin. Coconut Oil is 100% pure and unrefined, with its original coconut form. This unrefined Coconut oil has all the essentials with no added preservatives or fragrance.

Organic Virgin Oil:

Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil is purely extracted from all the organic ingredients instead of other harmful chemicals that can have side effects or can damage your skin. It’s very beneficial to your dry skin and for hair growth. As all the ingredients are certified and original, so the chances of risk are low. With its incredible cold-pressed property, your skin can get all the required essentials to boost up your beauty. It can also be used for making soap and lotion. It is very silky and melts easily and evenly on your skin.


      • Beneficial in hot cereals.
      • Pure Organic cold-pressed Coconut oil.
      • Can be used as a Hair conditioner.
      • USDA organic and non-GMO.


      • It can melt and become solidified.
      • A little bit expensive, with a melting problem.
      • Plastic packing can cause leakage.

10. Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil for Dry Skin Virgin Coconut Oil

Hydrating and lightweight Oil:

Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil is best for dry skin users, due to its hydrating and lightweight property. This oil moisturizes and leaves skin soft and pampered. It leaves skin with a natural glow, without a greasy effect. That is good to moisturize your body and for bath also. It has also one more additional property, which a little goes long away, which means you do not need to worry about packing size, although it has a large bottle filled with the Best Coconut Oil. It has various useful ingredients that prevent your skin from dehydration and all damaging factors.

Fast Absorption without Parabens:

Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil has those ingredients that allow it to absorb as fast as possible. It’s infused with exotic Acacia Senegal, Pure Virgin Oil, Coconut Milk, and Other Healthier oils. These rich ingredients make your skin shinier and allow fast absorption within a few seconds. This Best Coconut Oil prevents damaging factors, like Parabens, Phthalates, Minerals, and sulfates. For the best use of Sheamoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil, pour oil into a warm bath to create a rich fragrance. Rubbing this oil gently onto your skin after a bath can give you incredible results.



      • A skin therapy that moisturizes skin and leaves soft skin.
      • Leave skin with natural nourishment.
      • Infused with the best ingredients.
      • Provides daily hydration for all skin types.


      • Less emollient with less thick results.
      • Dries a little bit fast on Particular skins.
      • Sometimes, doesn’t go smooth and becomes watery.

Buying Guide for Coconut Oils:

Unrefined Oils:

When you are buying Coconut oil, be careful about its unrefined quality. Always buy those Coconut oils that are labeled as “unrefined”. Unrefined coconut oils have fresh mature coconuts, without the use of high temperatures or chemicals. Most unrefined oils are chemically extracted from dried coconuts that are bleached and deodorized.


If you are afraid of your dry skin, then these Coconut oils will get 100% results to your skin. These oils can be used on all type of skins, but mostly they have beneficial effects on dry skin by protecting your skin from damaging factors, and also protects from hazardous chemicals like hexane and eczema, etc.

Extra Virgin:

There are many oils in the market especially coconut oils, which have “extra virgin” and “virgin” written on them. But there is no difference between these two factors. You will definitely reap the most benefit from using it. But there is one barrier, that if you don’t like the taste of coconut, you may select or use any alternative.


If you are searching for an Organic Fractionated coconut oil, then you should definitely see for “cold-pressed” label on the packaging. This quality makes coconut oil healthier and more organic. Cold-pressed oils are Lucious soothing oils with natural skin moisturizer, that can be used as eye make-up remover or deep conditioning hair treatment.


These Natural Fractionated Coconut oils are being used commonly all over the world, due to their pure and organic manufacturing and free from all hazardous chemicals. Manufacturing of these Best Coconut Oils is done in an environment-friendly atmosphere. It has quick absorption and a non-greasy effect with cold-pressed and unrefined quality. It has two sides; one is Fragrance-free oils, and the other is Fragranced oils. These Coconut oils support your skin’s protective layer, catching moisture inside and keeping skin graceful and hydrated. These Best Coconut Oils are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO.



Is Coconut Oil Good For Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be caused by Hot or Cold weather, low moisture in the air, or soaking in hot water. Coconut oil is specially manufactured for dry skin issues, that have the unique property of cold-pressed. Coconut oils are also best for the growth of your week’s hairs. Its organic manufacturing makes it healthier and more advantageous.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Extremely Dry Skin?

Extremely dry skin can be a symptom that indicates a more serious diagnosis. In most situations, dry skin is caused by environmental factors. For the case of dry skin, Coconut oil help with cracks and water loss in the most upper layer of your skin with beneficial fatty lipids.

Does Coconut Oil Clog Pores For Dry Skin?

According to Dr. Garshick, dry skin can because by congestion and breakouts. Coconut oil on dry skin creates more oil to help skin retain H2O, which leads to clogged pores or congestion. Coconut oil has various advantages, but it has one disadvantage of Clog Pores and can lead to acne.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Dry Skin On Your Face?

Coconut oil has a lot of advantages to your dry skin because this is a fat extracted from dried coconuts. Therefore, its emollient can make it beneficial for certain skin types like dry as well as normal skins. It also helps to keep all the moisture inside your skin.

Does Coconut Oil Hydrate The Skin?

Having hydrated skin will help you in the improvement of skin elasticity that will reduce the damaging factors. In this situation, coconut oil can complete the reduction of water loss and can help with cracks also, with the help of fatty lipids ingredients that improve the barrier function of skin from damaging factors.

Does Coconut Oil Moisturize Skin?

On one side, coconut oil has various advantages, as well as it also moisturizes your skin. Those users, who have dry skin, eczema, etc., need more maintenance of their skin. As there is less humidity in winters, then people with normal skin also seek to moisturize their skin. Coconut oil moisturizes skin and gives strength to skin barriers.





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